The Vatican – Sans Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI has officially retired, and the Vatican has published a 62-page online photo album to commemorate his papacy. The captions consist of quotes from the pontiff and conclude with his resignation letter all of which are set entirely in Comic Sans. As all seasoned graphic designers know, this is a desecration of the cardinal rule of design – NEVER use Comic Sans. Among all the apocalyptic speculation is this simply further proof that the end is near?

Comic Sans Must Die!

Love it or hate it, Comic Sans is one of the most popular fonts in the world.

Vincent Connare designed the font for Microsoft in 1995. He described it is best being used for “new computer users and families with children”. Despite this it has constantly been misused and can be seen everywhere from school letters, e-mails from government officials and even in documents about the discovery of the Higgs Boson.

Since it was unleashed on the world there have been multiple calls by designers for the font to be abolished completely.

Comic Sans Must Die is a project that satisfies every designer’s dream: to see Comic Sans die a slow and painful death. Every day the individual glyphs of Comic Sans will have their demise displayed for all to see.

Comic Sans Must Die is a project conceived by Antonio Roberts with code contributions from Richard Clifford.

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