Ban comic sans appeared soon after its launch in the typography discussion forums at Typographica and Typophile.

MetaFilter hosted a lively discussion of the campaign as well.

The second issue of Art Prostitute Magazine contains an article with some information about the origins of the campaign.

Ban comic sans appears in Issue 114 of the popular UK internet magazine .net on some sort of bizzare top ten list right between the A-Team reunion and the John Travolta dog.

Wooster Collective gave us a shout on their site.

An online article appearing on Unknownbeings urges fellow Londoners to do the right thing and ban Comic Sans in London.

Ban comic sans stickers appear in STICK2003 by Chicago based project You Are Beautiful.

The February 2004 issue of HOW Magazine contains an article that gets down to the real nitty gritty of the ban comic sans campaign.

The Canadian newspaper National Post ran a great story which includes some comments from type designer Ray Larabie. Read the complete transcript of the interview.

Sticker and stencil street art mag, PEELzine featured a ban comic sans spread in issue 2, Spring 2004.

USA Today pointed veiwers to in their Web Guide.

The Boston Phoenix ran an article about the ban comic sans campaign.

The Wall Street Journal ran an article featuring Vincent Connare and the ban comic sans campaign.

Dave and Holly Combs on World Update

Dave and Holly Combs of and Vincent Connare the creator of Comic Sans were interviewed on BBC’s World Update. Read the article on the World Update page.


Indiana Alumni Magazine ran a feature article interview with Holly Combs in the May/June 2010 issue.



Swedish Magazine SvD ran a four page article in their September 24th 2010 issue. page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4

Huffington Post did a story on Vincent Connare and ban comic sans.


Putting the sans in Comic Sans